Birthday Weekend!

Sunday was Valentine’s Day and also my Birthday!! Coincidentally it was also the 4th Anniversary of the opening of Resurrection Charity Shop so a little party had already been planned for the evening!

DSCF3141.JPGChocolate Brownie Birthday Cake from Cafe de la Creme in Melville. Yummy!

I had a lovely day, church in the morning and then sharing my cake with the children at Hotel Hope, although several of our children were in quarantine with illness so I had to take cake through to their isolated area away from the others! They’ll be ok, judging by the bounciness today I would say they are on the mend!

Then in the evening a good number of people popped into the shop to share a drink and take advantage of the bargains available so it was a nice way to celebrate. I finished off my Birthday with Take-out Nando’s with my friends Sophie and Dan, first Nando’s in SA of 2016, I’m sure I can get a few more in before I leave… 😉


This verse came to me twice on Friday and on Saturday morning it cropped up again at a prayer meeting that Oliver and I go to. The discussion in the prayer meeting was so spot on for what I needed to hear but also one of those times when it feels like everything gets a bit overwhelming and I was really grateful for the support, prayers and love from everyone there as it all got a bit emotional for a moment! God is definitely doing something in me, but a few things have happened in the last few weeks that had been robbing me of God’s peace and it wasn’t nice.

Since then, this morning I finally woke up and felt good again, with renewed energy and ready to take on the world. Hallelujah!

I received news last week that the rent on my London flat is going up, and not just by a few pounds. I’ve always said that if the rent rises, I’d have to move, but to hear it when I’m away and can’t do much about it for a few weeks was a bit stressful. I have literally no idea whether I should stay or go from Crouch End, and I suspect I won’t be able to make a decision until I get back to the UK. Please continue to pray that God would show me His way forward and reveal to me His plans.

I had some incredibly spot on Bible verses over the past few days, including the one above, and it’s really filled me with renewed trust and faith that everything will work itself out. And also a reminder to trust God for today. I think that’s what I’ve learnt from the kids, they don’t care about tomorrow, they want to play/eat/cuddle NOW and today and certainly not ‘later on’… Jesus cares about our todays (and our tomorrows, but he’s got it covered and so we don’t need to worry about it) and I’m learning not to get stressed out about what might not even happen… It’s a steep learning curve but I’m getting there slowly!

download (1)If you’ve not seen Mark Rylance’s BAFTA Award-winning performance in ‘Bridge of Spies’, watch it for the quote above. Brilliant witness to the pointlessness of worrying about the future. 

It’s all in God’s hands.

In the meantime, I spent a lovely time with the toddlers this morning dancing to some nursery rhymes and I even taught a little bit of Zumbini to the older kids yesterday so we’re having fun.

Later this week I finally get to go on my safari adventure, and it will be an adventure this time as I’m going alone. Just me, Jesus, some critters and my camera. I’m hiring a car, driving to Pilanesburg Game Reserve in North West Province (just over 2 hours away) and staying overnight in a safari tent (I shall pack my DOOM/Peaceful Sleep!!)

Surely THIS time is Leopard-spotting time…




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