So tomorrow afternoon a small group of us are heading off to a Franciscan Retreat Centre near the Vaal River somewhere South of Joburg for a silent retreat weekend. After living with the crazy cute (but loud) children for a while I’m really going to appreciate a few days of quiet (although I’ll miss them too, of course!)

This is a big weekend for me in terms of listening to God. There’ll be plenty of time from Friday evening to lunchtime on Sunday for me to hear what the Lord is saying to me about life, love, the future, everything really… And I plan to make the most of the opportunity.

Specifically I’m seeking direction/answers/ideas about a few things:

  1. What’s in the next season? Incredibly in just 4 weeks I’ll be back in my flat in London, a little more tanned than before and complaining about the cold (possibly). It would be great to get more of an idea about what I’ll be doing in terms of work. I can’t bear the thought of endless supply teaching so I really need guidance about where to look for work or where to push doors. I know God called me specifically here for these few weeks and so I know He has the next bit, I just need to tune in to understand what it is.
  2. Relationships. God and I have frequent chats about my ‘relationship status’ and, without going into too much detail, as this is a blog NOT a 6 part BBC comedy drama series, I need some extremely clear clarity and guidance. Spending time with gorgeous babies is great, but it also reminds me that I haven’t got my own yet and I’m not getting any younger… Some kind of breakthrough in this area over the past year is surely on the cards!
  3. Finance. I’m loving being out here and am trying really hard not to get stressed out about the fact that I’m about to run out of money. I know that the Lord has called me here and that He will provide for what he’s called me to do. I also need to pop down to Durban to visit some of the people I ministered to in 2010 & before and all of this costs money. I’m constantly getting reminders from God that He’s got it, but when I did my finances last night I realised it really will take an absolute miracle given that I can’t work out here for money (being on a tourist visa and also not having time!)… Please pray with me specifically for whoever is meant to help me out financially would get a nudge from the Holy Spirit and give cheerfully and in God’s timing. There has to be a great story to come out of this and even now God is directing people to help out. So a huge THANK YOU, if you realise that it’s you!! (email me on and I’ll respond on Monday)

I’ve got a couple of good Christian books and the retreat team also gives a bit of pastoral direction and then off we go to spend time relaxing and being refreshed by God.

I’ve done one previous silent retreat and that also was in February, but it was in Essex and it was snowing. This one has the added advantage of it being Summer with lovely gardens and a pool… 😉

I love journalling and listening to God but I also process things verbally so a silent retreat is always a bit of a challenge. Pray that my thoughts would wander down the correct paths and not off on a massive tangent.

Happy weekend to you all, whether it is nice and quiet or chaotic and lively!


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