I know it’s the middle of Summer here, and so technically I should expect it to be hot, but this week especially I’ve been hit by just how hot it is here (an oppressive 30-32 degrees in the day and mostly brilliant sunshine, although it feels like we’re due for some storms)

On Monday I spent the day working here at the children’s home from 7am until about 7pm. This involved much playing with megablocks, first in the morning with the toddlers, when blocks were mostly chewed or used in the new and exciting challenge of ‘let’s see how many we can push under the sofa’! and then in the afternoon when the older children returned from pre-school the blocks were used in their more traditional fashion to build towers and fortresses outside on the veranda.

Every time I put one child down another 3 would rush to get in for a cuddle and it was lovely to spend a whole day with them but by the end of it I was good for absolutely nothing. Normally I’d go to sleep around 10.30/11pm, maybe even slightly later. On Monday I was fast asleep by 9.45pm!!



Yesterday saw me in the shop once more, although for some reason (possibly the oppressive heat!) it was really quiet and I hardly sold anything at all.

However, the evening was more exciting as it was the first session of Alpha at GodFirst, Oliver’s church and he and I are helping there by leading a group. It was fantastic to meet our group and to get to know each other and I’m excited to see what will happen over the next few weeks as we journey together. Already I was thinking last night that time here is going fast, I’ll only manage 5 weeks of Alpha before my flight back to the UK, sad to think I won’t see it through to the end!

This morning it was yet a different challenge. The housemother and I took a taxi to the clinic nearby with 3 of the children so they could get their immunisation jabs. The taxi ride was somewhat of an adventure. His windscreen resembled crazy paving with cracks here, there and everywhere. No seatbelts in the back at all and I had to strap a child on my lap in the front, although he rather enjoyed the view. The driver had no idea where we were going so directions were shouted out from the back as we went along but because of this he seemed incapable of going at any decent speed, which felt kind of dangerously slow at times. Still, we got there!

Prayer request – The ‘pool’ car, that I should have driven this morning, has developed a fault and is extremely unreliable. It needs fixing in the garage. Pray that when it goes in the experts there will be able to sort it out and then I’ll have wheels again to drive kids to school and people to the clinic, rather than rely on crazy taxis!

I was reassured to see the sign above the clinic entrance that read ‘No Guns’, and less amused by the sign next to it ‘No eating or drinking in this area’. THAT clearly hadn’t been thought through as the area was full of mothers and babies and small children waiting to be seen. After 3 hours it’s necessary to eat something or feed one’s child to prevent them from having a full-blown meltdown. We waited 3 1/2 hours for the children to be weighed, a procedure that took less than 2 minutes. Then more waiting until they could go through for their jabs. The staff there were so lovely and it actually wasn’t that crowded (compared to other clinics I’ve been at in SA in the past) so there really is no good reason why we had to wait so long!

I made sure I didn’t look when the needles came out for the kids but I was very impressed by my little Pooh bear, who not only had 2 injections without crying but was also beaming his brilliant smile within seconds afterwards. The boy is invincible!

Another exciting moment today was going to buy a CD player so that I can finally play some nursery rhymes, Action song and Zumbini with the kids. Thanks so much to Jane for the donation that made it possible to get this for them!


the one I got is actually black but identical to this one!

So it’s been a busy old week thus far, and it’s only Wednesday. An exciting weekend looms though, more about that tomorrow! Thanks for praying for me and for following my journey with these little ones (and not so little ones) here in Melville. Pray that I would adjust to the heat and that tomorrow would be a really productive one in the shop! 🙂


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