From the mouths of babes…

Yesterday morning, Oliver and I went to a prayer gathering at a beautiful home in Parktown North and the wonderful people there prayed for me. One of the ladies said:

‘God says He is going to speak to you through the children.’

This was quite amusing, since so far the children here are certainly not shy in saying exactly what they think. I’ve already become used to the interrogation every time I walk into the main room about where I’ve been and where I’m going, what I’m wearing, what my hair looks like… It’s genuinely hilarious. One of the girls also does a pretty realistic and amusing impression of me drinking tea from my travel mug… (I made sure she stuck her little finger out as if drinking from the finest china!)

However, I’ll be listening carefully to hear what God is saying through them over these next few weeks too!

And then today’s miracle moment.

I wanted to get a few toys and activities for me to do with the children when I spend time with them, to make it a special time. This morning after church I went to the Mall to see what I could get and found a few great items. Over lunch I was chatting with my sister online and she told me that my youngest niece Candice, who is 3, has sold some of her toys that she no longer needs and has asked to give the money to me to buy some toys and activities for the children at Hotel Hope because they need it more than her.

Given that every penny (or Rand) that I spend here is totally in faith that God will provide, and the first lot of toys had been bought ‘in faith’, hearing this news from the smallest member of my family was greatly encouraging and after lunch I managed to get some more things too with the amount she’d raised. A few pounds go a long way here at the moment and I’m so excited about Candice wanting to share with the children here. What a little star!


Above is what I managed to get. The stack and roll cups are completely awesome!

Candice wanted me to make sure the smallest baby got a new ‘sucky guy’ (as she calls it). Thus far he’s not that interested but you never know… (but he is VERY teeny still!) 

Baby Room Deborah stacking cups 2.JPG

It was kind of like that little boy offering his lunch up to Jesus and it feeding the 5000. Candice’s offering is now making 18 little people happy.

It got me thinking, I wonder how many other people, aged 3, 13, 30 (or even older) have some ‘toys’ they no longer need that could be sold and the money given to a good cause?

So there’s a challenge for this week! See if there’s something you no longer need and could get rid of and maybe consider helping me out with a donation from the sale. (Email me at if you would like to help!) I’m past worrying about finance, but the reality is I DO still need some for the rest of my stay. God will provide, he’s just proved it again today. I stepped out in faith and before I’d even finished shopping, the finance had come in. What an amazing God we have, he provides through so many different avenues!




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One Response to From the mouths of babes…

  1. Oliver says:

    Lovely post Caroline, knowing that God provides ALWAYS ! Love. O

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