This morning I spent time with Auntie Irene at Resurrection Charity Shop which is just around the corner from the children’s home. I’m going to be running the shop by myself tomorrow so today was my ‘official’ training. It’s a great place, with lots of interesting works of art and furniture as well as clothes and household items. I can think of several people in the UK who would be happy to spend lots of money in such a shop and I spent the morning noticing things I’d have for my house. Sadly, I’m not sure BA would take kindly to me trying to pass a huge giraffe painting off as hand luggage!

Highlight of the day there was managing to sell 11 luggage stands to a lady who had lots of creative ideas for them. This morning we were wondering how on earth we would shift them, given that they looked a bit unfinished, like the cushions are missing from them. However, a local lady noticed them outside whilst on her walk and bought 2, returning later to purchase the rest. She told me she’d been on the lookout for exactly that for a while. Amazing how God works to arrange things, they’d only arrived with us last night from auction!

Another great God-moment was realising that one of my friends, Sophie, who has lived here with her family in Joburg for years but who I haven’t managed to meet up with for a while, lives literally a couple of streets away from where I am. We managed a quick catch up this morning but I’m looking forward to a proper catch up very soon! She announced “You are now officially the person I’ve known the longest in Joburg!” 🙂 We go back to Italy days (in the last century!) so there’s plenty to chat about…

Prayer meeting at lunchtime was great, we were considering about how faithful God is to meet us when we step out in trust with him and it was a joy to pray with the team, whilst the younger children played at our feet or came for a cuddle. Below are the words that were shared and they are really encouraging, especially as many of us here are trusting God for his provision and miracles, and seeing them!


In other news, I’ve got my first mosquito bites… whilst I was sitting quietly listening to a teenage boy read to me to help him with his English. I guess the ‘peaceful sleep’ spray had worn off… ;-( Thankfully no allergic reaction (sometimes it can be quite annoying!!)

After closing the shop I spent some time in the baby room. There are currently 4 little treasures in there and 2 of them are very small indeed. Just as one of them settled down and stopped crying the other one started and what with the juggling (not literally!) of 2 teenies, at the same time chasing out the older kids who were running amok in and out, I’ve decided to go back on my previous prayer request of wanting twins one day… 😉

The older kids just wanted to play and I’ve had to promise the oldest child, a beautiful and helpful girl, that I will spend a bit of time with her tomorrow evening and not go into the baby room. It’s so hard, they are all so gorgeous!!

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