New Year – New Season

It’s now January 2016 and I am on the cusp of a fresh adventure. Hurrah!

Just like my last post said, I’m still waiting on God for many answers and breakthroughs, but whilst I’m waiting He’s given me a fresh adventure. Which is nice.

So tomorrow evening I set off to South Africa once more, this time not to the sun-soaked beaches and leafy valleys of KwaZulu Natal, but rather to the sprawling wonder city known as eGoli, the City of Gold, Johannesburg.


Let’s remember it also looks like this:


I’ll be spending 6 weeks volunteering at a fantastic organisation called Hotel Hope. [] Mostly I’ll be helping to care for the 18 children they have there at the moment, all under age 5. This is going to be a lot of fun, and also extremely challenging I’m sure, as they all have their own story and reason of being there. So I won’t be putting up their pictures or their stories on here, that’s all private, but I will be sharing my experiences over the next 6 weeks, as and when I can get a moment to upload pictures and my own stories. Check back for more soon!

Although clearly I’m not going to be doing any midwifery, I did have a moment whilst watching ‘Call the Midwife’ on Sunday night of the awesome privilege it is to care for a little person when they are small, vulnerable and cute. I’m looking forward to lots of cuddles (and all the less glamorous jobs!)

Call the Midwife

I’m also really excited to do this next bit of the journey of faith with God. I really sensed a very specific call to go to this place for this time and therefore God is going to do something wonderful in and through me there. I’m fully expecting more challenges and transformation over these next few weeks so pray with me for all of that to come to pass according to whatever the Lord has in store for me!


  1. For safe travel there on an overnight flight from London to Johannesburg.
  2. For settling in and getting to know people at Hotel Hope and for safety throughout my time there.
  3. For peace of mind about finance, I have been living from bill-to-bill for over a year now and this next level of going out of the country and not being able to earn money is ramping things up another gear. I KNOW that somehow God will provide, I just can’t see it in the natural yet… For the moment, the next bill is covered, so I really shouldn’t worry! Praise Him for his amazing provision.


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