It’s been a while…



You know what it’s like, you look away for a moment and suddenly it’s not November 2012 any more but March 2013!! 

Apologies for the absence. Not sure what happened really, just didn’t get round to blogging. However, as I read more and more great blogs from friends I’ve been challenged to get back to writing mine and updating it a bit more often.

Call it a Spring resolution (it’s a bit late for New Year’s Resolutions by now…) 

So what’s happened since the middle of November? 

Well I nearly managed to complete my 12 shows in 12 months. If you can count going to a gig by Roger Wright and friends on New Year’s Eve Eve – he did do an amazing rendition of ‘He lives in you’ from Lion King (and having been the original Simba in the London Première back in the day he knew it well and did an incredible performance).  That could count as #11 and #12 being the rather ‘interesting’ performance of Cabaret at the Savoy that I went to with Angus in January. 

‘My brother was in this at school!’, I exclaimed when he showed me the tickets. A few minutes in and I was struggling to comprehend how that could possibly have been allowed (‘It was rather controversial at the time!’ He later confirmed) – we had nudity (male and female), provocative dancing, racism and so on… It was quite an evening! Sadly, Will Young, who was the lead, was ill that night and couldn’t perform, but there were several other famous faces in to entertain. The whole show felt a bit disjointed and, with a final scene ending with a nod to the showers in the concentration camps, it was not very jolly at all… 

The highlight of the evening was paying a visit to the American Bar in the Savoy Hotel, thus ticking off one of my ’10 things to do whilst I’m living in the London’ list. Unsure whether the abundance of nuts and olives were free or horrendously expensive, we erred on the side of caution and only nibbled away whilst we enjoyed our slightly pricey cocktails. But hey, it’s the Savoy and it was quintessentially British! Still need to return there for Afternoon Tea at some point though.


Relaxing in the Savoy, as one does. 😉 

So, by my standards, that’s the 12 Shows in 12 months challenge completed. Now I just need to think of a fresh challenge for 2013… 

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