Keep your eyes on Britain!

Last week I went to a gathering of brilliantly gifted children’s ministers to pray and seek God’s way forward towards Revival. It was an amazing few days and God really met us and brought us together to inspire us to press on with the task given to us to prepare and train children for the coming revival in Britain. 

Many people around the world are looking to Britain at this time in history and praying for God’s Holy Spirit to break out and bring His presence to a people who are broken and need more of God. No one can deny that in Britain we are in a bit of a mess and need God to break in and do something radical. 

After a few days of praying and discussing how God is raising up groups of people all over the country who are seeking Him and being encouraged by how it’s like little fires are being lit all over the place, we were all touched by how God is starting to link these ‘fires’ together to make a bigger one. I’m sure it’s not a coincidence that when we left to go our separate ways we were greeted by the most amazing sunset blazing across the sky! 


And then there’s further encouragement from a prophetic word that someone was speaking out over in the States whilst we were even still at the gathering praying. Watch this and be encouraged.

God is on the move over here and people need to keep their eyes peeled and watch for what He does next. Are you ready for Revival? 


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