12 Shows in 12 Months #10 Phantom of the Opera


So I’m nearly there with my goal of seeing 12 shows throughout 2012. I’ve had a run of 3 shows over the space of a few weeks thanks to some unexpected opportunities so I can take a mini breather until November now.

Show 10 was Phantom of the Opera and this was Mum’s birthday treat. Mum and Dad have never been to one of the big West End Shows so it was a lovely treat for them and they were very excited. 

Our seats were right at the very back of the balcony, but even so we still had a pretty good view. The most amusing moment was when there was a gunshot in the show and the lady directly in front of us leaped out of her seat with a scream. Hilarious. 

The show’s been running in this theatre for 25 years and it’s still as marvellous as it must have been that first day. They even managed to replace the roof of the theatre once without missing a single show! 

I have fond memories of this show, even though I didn’t know the full story until I saw it. My affection for it stems back to school music lessons when we spent every week (it felt like) getting out the ‘Andrew Lloyd Webber Songbook’ and singing along to the most famous numbers from his shows, most of which at that time came from Phantom. Consequently, I knew most of the words and could sing along in my head whilst I enjoyed the show, which was nice. 

My favourite song of this show was ‘All I ask of you’, and I also loved the way they made the boat move through the dry ice – very effective. The show was excellent, and I like the way they leave it open for a sequel… 😉

ALW should write one.

Oh, that’s right, he did.

Shame it’s not on at the moment to make it into my 12… 

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