12 Shows in 12 months #9 You Can Do It


How do you follow the massive exposure that a reality TV show brings?

Well, for ITV Superstar’s Roger Wright it was inspiration to write his own show and that’s what premièred last night at the Leicester Square Theatre in the West End. 

The Leicester Square Theatre appears to be a nice little space, conveniently tucked in between the cinemas of Leicester Square and the excitement of Chinatown. It’s a great venue for shows starting out and a good place to showcase one’s talents. 

And that’s exactly what last night was, a showcase of the amazing vocal talents of Roger Wright and Paul Hazel, who is also a West End legend. Playing to a full-house of family, friends and fans, they were guaranteed a warm welcome and rapturous applause but it was well deserved. We were treated to a wide range of soul classics, jazz, pop, rock and RnB tracks which involved various levels of audience participation and also a couple of hilarious wig moments (I won’t spoil it, go and see for yourself!!) 

Both Roger and Paul are a delight to watch and listen to and have the most incredible vocal talents. They were supported by a live band and backing singers who even had their own little moment in the spotlight whilst the boys joined in dancing and greeting the audience. 

There was a nod to Roger’s Superstar experience, and he performed a few of the same great songs from that show too, which obviously sound even better live than on TV! At times, however, they seemed to forget their characters and just enjoyed performing, but nobody cared… 

It was a brilliant evening with lots of singing and dancing and generally good-humoured fun. If you’re free on Sunday 4th November then they are doing it all again and it’s a good night out. You won’t regret it! 😉 Check out the link below: 



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