12 Shows in 12 months #8 Legally Blonde

October has arrived and with it the realisation that I am still a few shows off from reaching my goal of seeing 12 shows in 12 months. However, there are a few booked up in my diary so I might catch up in time, and I’ve found a new (and secret) way of getting in to shows cheaply or for free (and yes it’s legal… ;-)) 

And so it was that I unexpectedly got a free ticket to the matinee of Legally Blonde at the New Wimbledon Theatre last Thursday. Purists would argue that as this show is on tour it’s technically not ‘West End’ any more, but as it’s only recently left the West End, it still counts in my book. And I also got there by tube, so we’re still in London! 


I’ve never seen the movie of this musical so I could watch it with fresh eyes, although now I’m keen to see the DVD to compare. It was a visual feast of pinkness and sparkles that was extremely entertaining with a message about being true to yourself and discovering your talents and working with them to make something of yourself. 

Any show with, not one but two, performing dogs has got to be a hit and although in the programme the main character Elle’s dog is a chihuahua, I’m sure it was a Jack Russell who entertained us on stage.

A case of changing dog breeds to reflect the cultural differences maybe?

In which case it should have been a pug.

The second dog was a reassuringly British Bulldog. Very cute. 


Gareth Gates starred as Warner, one of the male leads. It might have been mildly embarrassing for him when he strode onto the stage, clearly expecting a rousing round of applause, and nobody reacted. Sorry Gareth! I’m sure in other venues on future evenings he’ll get what he’s seeking. He was great in his role though as was Jennifer Ellison. As I’m not a huge fan of ITV I had no idea who she was, but she sang very well and was obviously very popular. 

In a way, it’s a shame those two got so much press, as the real stars of the show are the other two, lesser known as yet, leads. Faye Brookes stars as Elle and Iwan Lewis stars as Emmett. They both gave engaging performances, by the end of the second half I was totally transported to another place. Incidentally they both graduated from Guildford School of Acting – a fine institution… 😉 


See, a Jack Russell…. some chihuahua.. !! 

In the programme, Miranda Hart (and Hello to you!) comments in her introduction that the show is ‘camp wondrousness’ and indeed it was. At one point there’s a bit of Riverdance, at another a courtroom number about whether the witness is ‘Gay or European’… All hilarious. 

If it comes to a town near you, go and see it for a night of pure escapism and pinkness! You’ll leave with a smile on your face, and that’s musical theatre at it’s best! 


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