12 Shows in 12 months #7 Paralympic Closing Ceremony


I know this is all well entrenched in history now.. but I wanted to write about show #8 so I had to get #7 done first! 

I loved the Olympics and Paralympics – great atmosphere in London. It’s lingering a little bit (but now the rain has returned today I wonder if the last remaining euphoria will be washed away) The best bit for me was being blessed with free tickets for various events! 

Firstly, my lovely friend Jane took me to Dressage, as well as getting a mega-suntan in one afternoon I also got to see the talented Charlotte Dujardin perform at her best and be part of history. It was a brilliant day and I have a new found respect for horse dancing… With a bit of tweaking, I think Saturday nights in the Spring could see a new prime-time phenomenon with a equestrian version of Strictly (you heard it here first!)

But I digress… 

The Paralympic Closing Ceremony

Two lovely ladies in our church won a local competition when nominated for being community heroes. That meant 4 tickets for the closing ceremony courtesy of Islington Council – thanks very much! One of them asked me to go with her, which was nice. It was like a mini church outing as myself and 3 other prominent members of church headed across to Stratford for the final hours of Paralympic glory. 

Being British, and being early for everything, we had plenty of time for afternoon tea at John Lewis (sadly they don’t sell Rooibos tea – oh the shame!) and even time to queue for the ladies. We still got into the park with plenty of time to spare. In fact we may have been amongst the first 20 people to find our seats ready for the big performance and we treated to some last minute rehearsals. This helped me later on with photography, as I knew where the aerial dancers would be landing and what was coming next 😉 

The waiting time passed quite quickly, we were in our seats at 7.30pm as requested. The Athletes had started coming in at 7pm (by 7.02pm my hands were already aching from clapping!) They were finally in their seats about an hour later when the show eventually got underway. 

You all saw it on TV, (and if you didn’t you probably didn’t care about it much anyway) but the main highlights for me were: 

1. Our church-warden’s face at a particularly rocky moment during Coldplay  – priceless reaction. 

2. Rihanna’s swarm of bodyguards to escort her across the field after her performance. 

3. The unexpectedly good Rio performance with fireworks coming out all over the place. 

4. Snow falling from the roof (I had plenty of it in my bag afterwards). It looked clever but it’s just small squares of white tissue paper. 

5. Coldplay. Don’t need to say any more about them. Genius. 

6. Seb Coe’s stories about the man who got closure by being a medic at the Paralympics after having been traumatised by his experiences of being on duty on 7/7. 

7. The endless fireworks to finish off the evening (and the Summer) 

It was a night to remember and one that will live long in my memory. (Even though I’ve thrown the ‘snow’ away and forgot to sell it on Ebay!) 




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