A simple letter


Never underestimate a simple letter – that’s what I’ve learnt this week! 

JAM Club (our after-school club for primary-age children) restarted this week and I was keen to remind the kids who’d come last year, and those who’d enjoyed Holiday Club, that it was on. I printed off some posters, but then discovered we’d run out of laminate pouches so couldn’t put them all up on local trees yet (don’t ask!).

Instead I decided to print out a colourful letter and put it through the doors of the children we know. 

But time was running out a bit so instead I stuck stamps on them and posted them. Of course, we ‘older people’ probably take letters for granted but one of the mums told me on Tuesday that it was a brilliant idea to send a letter addressed to the children as they hardly ever receive anything through the post and were so excited to get something especially for them.

‘A stroke of genius’ she might have even said.  

Remember those days before everything was sent by email and we actually sent letters to each other?

We sat down and put pen to paper and crafted a thing of beauty, words and/or pictures, and then set off to the post box to send it off to whomever.

I kind of miss those days.

Granted I like writing, and I ALWAYS had my Christmas thank you letters finished before tea on Boxing Day! However, maybe it’s a lost art that needs reviving. I heard this week on the radio that there’s a campaign to encourage people to send more postcards from holiday. Maybe there’s the inkling of a trend towards using Royal Mail again (despite the costs!)

I know that the price of stamps is always going up, but maybe it’s one way of standing out from the crowd. In terms of getting the kids excited about JAM – it was a good investment. Perhaps it’s a different idea for us as children’s workers to keep in touch with our kids in a funky ‘new’ way?

Just a thought. 


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