New Term – Fresh Challenges

Hello again! 

For some reason I just didn’t update my blog during the last few months.

I blame Holiday Club…

and the Olympic Games…

and Summer… 😉 (the few days we had of it!) 

Apologies for my absence (you may have not even missed me…) However a new academic year looms large and with the new term comes fresh challenges. I’ll be putting up a few stories from the Summer (the missing months) and also the latest in my ’12 shows in 12 months challenge’ (slightly slowed down by lack of money!)  over the next few hours/days but as I look forward from this point there are exciting times ahead.

The main challenge of the next few months will be coping, surviving and thriving through the sabbatical (ahem, sorry, STUDY LEAVE) of my Vicar and his lovely wife. They are off from pretty much now until the beginning of December leaving me, as the only other paid member of staff,  2 churchwardens and a lay-reader in charge. Oooh the mischief we could have whilst the cat’s away 😉 As they are 2 of my main volunteers for all things child-related, I face an interesting few months, but one in which I’m sure the Lord is going to raise up others from within our church family to help make things happen. 

So it’s with a positive outlook that I set foot into the Autumn term, ready for whatever blows my way… 

First challenge is to take the whole Family Service on Sunday. I did this last September, funny how that was so stressful in the preparation stages and how much I’ve learnt and improved over this past year of being in Children’s Ministry. I’m so excited about what we’ll be doing this Sunday. In preparation for this term I attempted a 21 day Daniel Fast over the past 3 weeks, more of which in another blog post maybe, and one of the aims of that Fast was to get a vision for the Children’s Work here for the next year. The main thing that happened at the end of week 1, of being essentially vegan, was that the Lord prompted me to go to the evening service at Kensington Temple, somewhere I’ve been thinking of visiting for ages. 

It was that really hot hot hot Sunday evening a few weeks ago and I’m kind of glad that the church wasn’t full as the chairs there are really squished together. Thankfully KT produce a magazine-type notice sheet which doubled up nicely as a hand fan, I needed it! Anyhow, the sermon that night was a quick overview of ‘Developing your Spiritual Senses’ and in the middle of taking notes of the various Bible verses being thrown out, the Holy Spirit gave me a nudge that this is what I should focus on as the topics of Family Services this year.

Hurrah for answered prayer! 😉 

So on Sunday we’ll be looking at the first of these senses: TASTE and especially on the verse in Psalm 34v8:

‘Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.’

I’m so excited to see how God is going to use this sermon series to challenge and transform our church family, will put it on here afterwards.

And now I’d better get back to writing that talk, and trying to work out how I can get something tasty into the morning as well…

Am thinking Marmite… 🙂



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