The Bridge

Near to our church there is a really high bridge with stunning views overlooking Central London. It’s notorious locally for being a ‘Suicide Bridge’. Despite additions to the railings to discourage people from climbing up and over, somehow since I’ve lived in London about 4 people have taken their lives by falling onto the main road 60 feet below.

This afternoon as I crossed over it on my way to JAM club I prayed that God would surround that spot with His angels to protect anyone who was thinking of jumping off. I don’t cross over it every day but am usually motivated to pray when I do travel over it. 

Two hours later when we were at JAM club the report came in that a woman had just jumped off the bridge. However it appears she didn’t die because she landed on the top of a double decker London bus! She was taken to hospital. It didn’t click till later that I’d actually prayed for God’s protection over her and it seems He has a plan for her life more than she knows. 

I know nothing more about her apart from the fact that she’s in hospital and evidently in need of prayer and help. Pray for her, that God would heal her, and that she might come to know Him for herself. Amazing how God guides us to pray as He wants and then answers it. Awesome to be used by Him today. 

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