12 shows in 12 months #5 ALL NEW PEOPLE

This show was a bit of a risk… Not my usual type of play. But my little friend Bethany loves Zach Braff and when we heard he was going to be in London I thought I’d treat her to a trip to his show. She was very excited and squealed a lot! 😉 

In fact we made it to the last show of the season, so you’ll have to wait until if comes back (if it ever does) to see this one if you like the sound of it! 


What can I say about ‘All New People’…? 

Well it’s about a 4 people who end up in a Long Island beach house out of season and it’s very talky-talky, people have compared it to a Woody Allen production. Discussions range from God to death & sex and there’s a clever use of video projected onto the safety curtain to fill in information and flashbacks. It was billed as being a bit ‘out there’ and I instantly disliked the extreme overuse of certain expletives as well as the graphic descriptions of what one of the characters got up to with her ‘clients’. (you can imagine the rest!)

However, once they’d got the vulgarity out of the way it was rather enjoyable as a piece and had some great acting at times. Eve Myles, apparently famous from ‘Torchwood’ (another show I’ve missed out on) was very good in her role.

We were particularly happy that there wasn’t an interval seeing as we were all squeezed into teeny tiny seats at the very top and back of the theatre! 

Sadly once we emerged from the theatre it was chucking it down with rain and so actually meeting the star himself proved difficult as we couldn’t see him beyond all the umbrellas! Zach Braff did come out, wearing his trademark fedora, and he hugged and signed a few people’s programmes before retreating into the dry theatre.

It had been an interesting evening, but I doubt I’ll bother with any more of his plays… 

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