He’s got a plan

It’s very nearly the end of term and, although I’m not in teaching any more, I still experience the exhaustion that comes in the week before the last week of term. It’s that ‘not quite there yet’ feeling… 

Last week was fairly rubbish all in all. I was not feeling well with general burn-out and was definitely under a certain amount of spiritual attack as well. A few relationships were a bit difficult and, to top it all off, money was tight and I had mislaid my passion and enthusiasm for my job. 

Thankfully, a few days off and some refocussing has set me back on track. One exciting story has reminded me that God has a plan to see us through even when we’re struggling.

The week before last, on Wednesday evening at Grace church we were discussing about the Bible and how amazing God’s Word is. During the evening I became convicted in my innermost being that I’d not spent much time studying God’s Word for myself over the previous few weeks. I study it and teach stories to children, but actually sitting down with God first thing in the morning had been replaced by listening to the radio or watching BBC Breakfast. Nothing wrong with either of those pastimes but I was missing the excitement that comes from communicating with God first thing in the morning. 

I made a resolution that night to get back into the good habit of starting my day by reading my Bible and praying, doing a ‘quiet time’ over breakfast. The next morning I found some old Bible reading notes and started to work through them. I get on best when I’m studying a book in the Bible systematically. These notes didn’t really cover that but all the same they were getting me back on track. 

On the Friday morning I was so amazed when I got the post and received a whole book of Bible reading notes sent as a gift from one of the bookshops from which I buy resources. They were obviously clearing out old stock but the timing was impeccable and the notes are just what I need right now. I have been working through them since then and they helped me to survive and recover from last week’s stresses and exhaustion. 

I love it when God provides like this. He really does have a plan to make things happen. 🙂 


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