Listening to God for others… going deeper

The children in Jesus Crew went one step further on Sunday morning and started listening to God for others instead of just for themselves.

As part of each session the kids spend a few moments waiting on the Holy Spirit to see what God wants them to know today. I play a great anointed track called ‘Lord we ask you right now to send your healing power’ from the great New Wine album ‘Bigger than Big’

Incidentally, this is one of the best kids worship albums I’ve come across in a long time. Don’t be fooled by the ‘Preschool’ title. There’s the awesome ‘1,2,3 Jesus is Alive’ which kids of all ages in our church love and for which I have worked out the best ever funky 70s choreography. (Shame they don’t have BRITS or GRAMMYS for Kids’ Workers!), as well as the brilliant ‘We’re going on a journey’. If you work with kids and you don’t have this album, buy it now! (I should be on commission…)

Back to Sunday morning. After listening to the Holy Spirit, one kid shared how he felt all tingly and had the sensation of being lifted up and God then put his hand on his head and told him that he is forgiven. Another child got all tingly too. I love it how God responds to these children waiting on him and He never disappoints.

Later in the session one of the girls volunteered to be prayed for and we all stood and waited for what the Lord wanted to say to encourage her. The kids know they should not share fortune-telling, no telling off and nothing scary, just positive encouraging words.

The boy who had felt God’s forgiveness earlier saw the same thing happening to her. Then another boy saw the whole room we were in full of rain falling and a spotlight on the girl in the middle. What a picture of blessing and how much God has her in his hand. She’s forgiven, blessed, and I had a sense that an angel protects her wherever she goes.

I love it how these children are open to receiving good things from the Lord. How much of an inspiration and challenge is that to us as adults to be open to receiving whatever good stuff God wants to give us.

It’s all about making time to listen and see what He’s got for us.

There is so much more.

Let it rain.

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