12 shows in 12 months: #2 Wicked

For my Birthday treat I went with my good friends Natalie and Charlie to see Wicked at the Victoria Apollo theatre on Monday night. It was my first musical on the West End since Mary Poppins back in 2007 and it was absolutely amazing!

Obviously I don’t want to give anything away but the story is all about looking at The  Wizard of Oz from another perspective, the tale of the witches of Oz and what they were really like. It certainly makes you see the original story in a different light and cleverly weaves in the tale of Dorothy, the Tin man, the Lion and the Scarecrow throughout the show.

I was most looking forward to the most celebrated song in the show: ‘Defying Gravity’ and it didn’t disappoint. Charlie hummed along next to me as she too was having a musical moment! 😉

It was really exciting to turn up at the theatre and realise that Matt Willis (formerly of Busted fame) was in the show and we were even more excited to bump into him outside afterwards and to get autographs and pictures with him and Gina Beck and Rachel Tucker who are the 2 main actresses. An added birthday bonus for me!

I still have my old Busted album somewhere….

Matt works out at the same gym as me. Last Summer Charlie came along to the gym on a free pass and whilst we were working out I pointed him out to her and said ‘I think that’s Matt from Busted’. She made up a very clever reason to go over and get a better look by pretending she’d lost her phone by the machine he was on. He politely redirected her to where I was standing with the gym instructor having a chat!

So on Monday evening of course Charlie’s opening to him was ‘Alright babe, it’s us from the gym!’ To be fair, he gave a convincing impression of remembering us (he’s a very good actor obviously…) Am slightly concerned that next time our paths cross on the gym floor he might be the one giving me weird looks like he’s trying to remember me from somewhere…

 Aw, back in the good old (bad hair days) of Busted! What a group! Famous for ‘Year 3000’, ‘What I go to school for’ and my personal favourite ‘Britney’ (an ode to Britney Spears… say no more)

But back to Wicked… Great show. Go and see it. There’s better use of ‘green’ than in ‘Shrek’ and Kermit the Frog would be proud to live in the Emerald City (that was Charlie’s comment of the night anyway!)

Next stop: Lion King 😉

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