When you open a window…

The last few sessions with the children have reminded me that when you open up a window the fresh air and sunlight streams in but so do the midges and the dust and so we need to be prepared for similar to happen on a supernatural level.

The children have been getting some great pictures and reassurance from God over the past few weeks as they quieten down and listen to Him but they are also just learning how to listen to God and it’s a challenge for me especially, as their facilitator, to discern what is God talking and what is either coming from their imagination or from a negative source.

It’s really important that the children are not stifled in their creativity and that no ideas shared are ridiculed as God could be speaking to them. The children have been trained when praying for others that we don’t share ‘words’ that are directional, for example telling someone their future; correctional, telling someone of; or scary and negative. They’ve taken these on board.

Several of the children appeared to get pictures of hell and Jesus fighting the devil. Potentially these could be from God. He does give pictures like this.

In the early 1920s, H.A.Baker wrote a book called ‘Visions beyond the Veil’ in which he describes how a group of Chinese orphan children got visions of heaven and hell. It was a really life-changing time for them and the book is an amazing read. It would appear that those children were really moved by what they were seeing. (Most, if not all, of the book can be found at http://www.godspeak.net/veil/veil_index.htmlSo when some of my boys started saying they’d seen pictures of hell they didn’t appear that moved by it I started to wonder.

However, God reaches people in different ways and I’m overwhelmed by how excited these children are to sit and wait on the Holy Spirit, fully expecting Him to reveal more of Himself to them. It’s a good place to start from and it’s an exciting time to minister to these children.

Today at JAM we had our first session of waiting on the Lord to show the children how much He loves them. One little boy, who doesn’t know much about God yet, said he just had a picture of a dove over someone’s head. The picture just flashed in and out again but he’d definitely seen it. This was so exciting as the dove is a symbol in the Bible of the Holy Spirit and it was really encouraging for all of us as a reminder that the Holy Spirit was there present with us.

I’ve challenged the children to wait on God at quiet moments throughout this week. God can speak to us anytime anywhere but He loves it when we give him some time and space to engage with us. I’m looking forward to hearing how they got on.

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