Jesus And Me – just when you think it’s all sorted..

JAM Club was totally brilliant this evening. The children, and the Holy Spirit, never cease to amaze me!

It’s always the way, I thought this term I’d use some pre-prepared material instead of writing my own and 2 weeks in the children start asking lots of questions that would be best answered by me throwing out the schedule I’d planned and starting again.

But that’s fine.

It’s always best to see where God is leading and working and to adapt to that path.

Firstly one of our children took herself into the mini prayer shack when she’d been a bit upset over falling over on the way in to church. It gives a comfy space to have a moment of quiet with God. This is the first time a child has used it during the playtime.

Next I was trying to teach a point about not being embarrassed about following Jesus and the children interrupted with questions such as:

How can we hear God speaking to us?

Does God speak every language in the world?

One little child then piped up with ‘I love Jesus!’ 🙂

I told them that next week we’ll learn more about the Holy Spirit and how God speaks to us with some practical creative prayer activity designed to make space for the children to engage with God through his Holy Spirit. For children with no church background this is amazing and can only be a sign of  the Holy Spirit drawing them in to want to know more about Him. How much does God want to reveal and share with the children His love and His plans for them. We are mere facilitators of these moments. It’s so inspiring to see God at work in the children here.

But before you think that these children are super spiritual wonder kids, think again. As I brought out Mollie the Macaw (see picture below) for a spot of teaching, the same children drew close to stroke her and then proceeded to punch the poor puppet! In all my years of puppet magic I’ve never seen such abuse! 😉 Not sure whether her nerves will take it in future weeks!

Children eh, such treasures…


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